Why lipreading?
  • Margaret's experience

    Nearly everyone at the class wears hearing aids but, having the opportunity to learn lipreading is such a useful additional skill. We also learn strategies for dealing with our hearing loss. These give us confidence to take part in conversations rather than hoping or pretending to have heard what the context is. It is a very friendly, supportive group and being with similarly affected people is a real bonus, especially for those who live alone.

  • Elizabeth's thoughts

    Hearing loss can make a person feel isolated and also become very withdrawn in social situations. These classes are marvellous because it is good to meet others in a similar situation and realise that help is available.

Welcome to everyone who would like hearing impaired people reach their maximum potential.


Latest News!

Congratulations to Helen and Jenny who have been accepted on the City Lit course for lipreading teacher training

Sadly, we are now only able to offer a class at Loughborough. We shall offer classes at Melton Mowbray and Market Harborough as soon as we have the relevant tutor..

We are seeking volunteers for specific roles. Please see the "Volunteering" tab.